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آدرس : Norway Adresse: Joa Industri område Post address: Postbox 95, 4097 Sola

Alustar was established as a shareholding company in 1995. We are a production and sales company, that produces aluminum scaffolding systems patented in many countries. Our customers were in the beginning primarily in the oil and gas industry, shipping and in onshore construction. Shipping and onshore building are strategic areas of growth. Alustar is established with office and prodution facilities at Sola, close to Stavanger International Airport Sola. Our vision: Alustar shall become a leading producer and supplier of scaffolding systems in aluminum, with sales both in the Norwegian and International markets Our business idea: Alustar offers scaffolding systems in aluminum based on the highest of standards for HSE, recognised for user-oriented and advanced solutions. A new generation scaffolding system The early nineties saw an emerging need for an alternative to heavy steel scaffolding. Alustar is an aluminum scaffolding concept developed by experienced scaffolding builders with the assistance of Hydro Aluminium Profiler AS. The ensuing result is unique. The system was type approved in 1995. The Alustar scaffolding has improved productivity, halved the weight and increased the strength; leading to a reduction of the overall costs for the customers compared to conventional steel scaffolding. The assembly and dismantling time has been reduced by as much as 40 per cent. Another key reason for choosing an aluminum scaffolding is the HSE factor, as the reduced load will contribute to improved health for the scaffolders. The system is also environmentally friendly due to the longevity of the scaffolding and because it can be recycled. The light weight of the Alustar helps improve safety as well; it is easy to handle, assemble and dismantle. The Alustar scaffolding system has been designed to provide the ultimate combination of strength, lightness and flexibility. We are proud to present such a flexible concept, representing a new generation in scaffolding. Phone: +47 51 71 94 30

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