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آدرس : NO.1 YongNing Road, LuHe District, NanJing, China

Nanjing is the largest Scaffolding products exporting & distribution base. With many outstanding companies which involved in researching and producing, 5000 to 6000 containers of Scaffolding & Formwork products are sent to overseas each year. EK also thrive in Nanjing, just like a seed with ample sunshine and plenty rainfall. We are now able to provide all scaffolding products, such as Forged Coupler, Pressed Coupler, Ringlock System, Cuplock System, Kwikstage System, HK system, T60 System, Frame System, Shoring System, Formwork System, Aluminum Scaffolding as well as all sizes of Steel Tubes. With active youth international team, EK got long association with several top Scaffolding companies in the world. With professional service and high quality products, EK was well appreciated and it will or already be the most competitive private enterprise in Nanjing area. Our mission is to provide our customers high quality products and services. We aim to exceed our customers' expectations in terms of pricing, quality and on-time delivery.

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